Aurelia Walker

The player character, who is specialized in dealing with mind-altering or otherwise psychological effects and creatures. She can diagnose most magical disturbances and refer people to an expert when physical force is required. In addition to her diagnositc expertise, she possesses the ability to enter the minds of her clients by making physical contact, allowing her to screen for any magical influences directly.

Angela Summers

The loving mother, who cares deeply for her family. She is fairly smart, and used to be a rebellious youth before growing to be warm and amiable. Beneath this warmth is the fear of losing not only her baby, but her whole family, driven by the loss of loved ones in her past.

Dylan Huang

The disgruntled, extremely hardworking father of the family who wants to do everything he can to support them. Because of this, he greatly values control and bases his value as a person on his ability to maintain it. When his baby changed, his hold on life shattered, and with it his self-esteem.

Douglas Summers-Huang

The eldest child is a closed off, quiet young boy who is absorbed in reading and writing stories. Inspired by some of the stories he has read, he is starting to believe the world he’s in is not as it appears.

Kirsten Summers-Huang

The middle child, a three and a half year old with a pure and positive personality. She believes everything around her is filled with magic and fantasy. Her toys are not only for playing, but are also building blocks to her magical world.

Tobi Summers-Huang

The baby is usually aloof and curious, and is taken care of by by everyone in the family. One day, they suddenly changed. Nobody knows why they did, only that something is very wrong with them now.